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EEC ... Not so complicated ?

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Did anybody ever think of using a p-type mosfet for this ? Lets say a few nanoseconds before the gating off time , the gate off time , not the off time between pulses ? could easily be done ...

How could we simply use the EEC with simple semidonductor and proper timing ?

The electrons are negative right ? We want to pull out the negative electrons to stop the gas from reforming quickly after the hv ionization tickling etc...

The question I always asked myself was how this worked really , it seems to me like an open circuit ?...

If I connect the + from the battery to ground ( real earth ground ) , nothing happnes , no energy flows ... No lightbulb lights ...

What you guys think ?

None of this stuff is posible unless we get the Meyer effect first.Get that figured out first,than the rest of this stuff will fall into place.Other wise were just wasteing time.It won't work without high voltage across the tubes.

I Think there should be a diode in parallel with the fuel cell...  ;D


--- Quote from: Warp on January 20, 2010, 06:21:06 am ---I Think there should be a diode in parallel with the fuel cell...  ;D

--- End quote ---

The EEC is exactly related to Meyers don , I dont understand your point .

So that diode mean high voltage across the tubes warp , I guess it does ?

Anyways I am not messing around with this old Stan stuff .

I am moving on with my new Stephen Meyers driver unit I should be getting in 2 weeks . Stephen seemed to be saying that Stan's design were not researched enough ... Perhaps it was based on Stan's intuition and not fully researched as to what was causing the extra production . As stated by Stephen that even he still didnt know what exactly was going on with Stan's cell .

No positive news from Hardkrome yet regarding the VIC .

Don , why should we figure out anything ? Test that VIC and show that it can work .


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