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My HHO cell with bifilar coil and Arduino with video / pics

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Here is my experiment:

inside the unit:


- Oscilloscope over the negative carging choke (up)
- Oscilloscope connected to the mosfet gate    (down)

Feel free to ask any question  ;)

Very nice setup.compliments.. What frequencies you can use? With arduino? I always wanted to get one but never could ask anyone how is it regarding this...

Good luck

Thank you.

I use timer1 for freqquency and delay() to start and stop frequency generation at certain period in milliseconds for the gate (on the main loop() ).
It can produce frequencies from 130hz up to (at least) 100Khz (maybe more, up to 1MHZ).

you can use the tone() function instead but it can be unstable at high frequencies.

if it is able to generate a variable dc voltage it could be good... to work in conjunct with a pll for example.. that is my thought...

basically make all the car control on arduino,, would be feasible// i guess

i have an idea of what i want but don't know where to start.. could you give a hint ?

which arduino to get for that function and its limitations... and functions?

Let me correct you.

Arduino only generate 5v signals, it generates pulses to the gate pin of a Mosfet transistor.

For amplitude control you will need digital to analog converter.

I use Arduino nano , it has the same chip as uno (atmega328) but i believe that any arduino with 16mhz crystal will do the job.


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