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I made another modification.
Can you check again, please?


problem still there:

I got this message after 95 seconds.


Can you give it a try again?


again the whole post with 3 attachments.

Hi to you all,

I want to use my gas splitter dry cell (using the H2 only for my car) by using a circuit which work with frequencies to avoid the big current consuming. So I stumbled on the Dave Lawton circuit and build it on this PCB (
In spite of all the effort I did not get the high voltage spikes (1200 volt?) according to the attached PDF-file cramton-lawton.pdf. Both sections of the circuit work fine but the output is nothing more then spikes from 8 to 9 volt at 0.5 amp. To adjust the 4 pots to get something done is a kind gambling process I don't like it at all. Further investigation bring me to a guy named Ravi who added some big changes to the Cramton circuit which tells me the Cramton circuit is a good basic design but needs a lot more (see attached pdf-file Ravi Cell). His modifications seems to work very well but take a lot of time and money. It kicked me back in my chair, no I don't want to do all that. Back on the web I discovered a different circuit from Dave Lawton which does the same Stan had, a self tuning resonance circuit. Look at page 10-61 from the attached pdf files chapter10.pdf My question to you all, is it worth trying to build this circuit (
and is there a PCB available (open source). Are there alternatives who are better or give good results?
Kind regards, Knovos.

Yes it works!


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