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This guy runs his engine on water!

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out with the old in with the new
Mar 21
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The new Super GEET or the Super 8
Note: If reading this doesn’t make any sense to you or you don’t understand some of the terms used, then please start at the beginning of the Vortex-Heat-Exchanger site and catch up.  I cannot waste time talking with new B’s and will not waste time explaining things I have already posted on the site.  If you don’t want to spend the time to read past posts, I don’t want to spend time posting the same exact thing!
Also this information is not for the disbelievers that don’t have any input or have never built a GEET.  The information I provide here are things that have worked for me.  I don’t claim to know how a GEET works or what makes it tick.  I have built 3 GEET’s that have worked very well: one was a free GEET and the other 2 were of my own design. The only way any of us can learn what makes a good working GEET is to build them!
Dear Fellow Thinkers, Tinkerers and Inventors,
          I had very good success with the 8PVHE achieving a total run time of 1 hour and 15 minutes running-time on just the water vapor in the air only-- NO fuel!  Yes, I tried many times but failed in my attempts to get the 8PVHE back to a working condition, BUT, I will come back to this but later.  I only use fuel for the first 5-10 minutes to get the reactor to reforming temperature mode and my motor timing is set at TDC.  This is the only way the motor can burn water vapor only.  You can find more on the hows and whys in past posts.
This now brings us to the new Super 8-- my latest build.
The new Super 8 is built with the same design idea as the 8PVHE but with some major changes. 
The outside of the reactor is now larger so that the vortex of the gases doesn’t interfere with the inner or outer pipes.  This new design has the ability to block off each pipe set, using all 8 pipe sets or going down to just 1 pipe set.  This will give me the ability to burn in one pipe set at a time if it is needed. 
Another new feature is the third outer section that closes in all 8 outer pipes.  This section now has a pipe to let air into the area at the bottom and an exit pipe at the top. The inner and outer pipe vortex gases are in the same direction as is the new section around the outer pipes. 
The Super 8 sits on the bottom base that’s parallel with ground with all 8 pipes perpendicular to the ground or straight up and down.  Standing over the reactor and looking down at it, all the vortex gases will be spinning in a counter-clockwise direction or the same spin as a tornado. 
          This time I took pictures as I built each section.  If there is any query for me to post these pics, I will comply.  All the metal and pipes for this build came from Lowes (a USA home improvement store).  The ceramic insulators I used can be purchased at an electronic store.  The insulators will be used to keep the inner rods from being sucked out of the reforming area.  On the 8PVHE I used a metal rod that was attached to the access plug in the top of the reactor, possibly causing the inner rod to ground out.  Even when the reactor was working at its best, I never saw a blue ring around the inner rod.
Time to talk about the ‘BUT’
          As I was building the new Super 8 I found out what could have happened to the 8PVHE.  The pipes are all straight up and down and I failed to disconnect the reactor each time to make changes with the inner rods.  I used a magnet to pull the rods out of the inner pipes.  It turns out that the magnet I use to do this, changes the magnetic direction of the inner rod.  Putting the magnet on the point side of the inner rod flips it back the right way.  So if I have the time I will again try to run the 8PVHE.
Another thing that plagued the 8PVHE was the run time.  Most runs lasted 15 to 40 minutes before it stopped reforming and I think I know why-- it has to do with heat soaking.  Reforming only happens in a narrow temperature window on my builds (this may not be the case with a regular GEET build).  As the motor is running the temp is changing under different load conditions.  I always did all my testing with the motor running balls to the wall, flat out—meaning that the motor was running so fast that the governor was trying to close the throttle.
At the right temp (about 110F measured on the top outside of the VHE) the reactor starts reforming but if the reactor gets hotter over time (about 350F measured at the same point) the reforming stops.  I hope to control this with the can around the outer pipes by putting cool air in at the bottom and let it out at the top.  Controlling this temp in this zone I hope will stop the heat soaking to the rest of the reactor. Another thing I never tried was running the motor at a normal speed; this too may help the run time.
          People have posted that they had a working GEET and then it stopped working after a while.  You will need to go back and see what the temperature was when it was reforming best.  The more you run the hotter things get; that may be OK for some builds, such was the case with the 7PVHE-- it loved heat and lots of it.
In my case with the 8PVHE I found that with all the exhaust gases passing through the reactor I could only get run times of 15-minutes or less.  I didn’t get better run times until I bypassed 80 present of the exhaust gases from going to the reactor, although this removed most of the gas pressure but not the heat.
          Other tests that were done on the 8PVHE that had good results were done with some fuel (gas) in the mix.  That said, there was no measurable amount of gas used during the test.  The valve (1/4” pipe) coming from the gas bubbler was left open while air (my fuel) was fed in through two other valves-- one ½” pipe and one ¾” pipe.  With that small amount of suction pulling through the bubbler the gas inside the bubbler would vibrate and no bubbles could be seen.  It looked as if the surface tension of the gas was being disturbed and I was only pulling off the vapor.  I never ran a lot of tests in this mode so I don’t know if over time the gas would break down into something other than gas.  The kicker of running in this mode was the motor never shut off.  This little amount of fuel may have acted as a cooling circuit to the VHE.  Others in the group may have ideas why this worked, I don’t have a good working knowledge of gas vapors and how they react under certain conditions.   
          Currently, I have not started any testing of the new Super 8.  I am only an army of one and I have many jobs in front of this.  Hopefully this summer I’ll put some time into this effort.  So do not wait for me, get out there, read past posts and build something! 
If people start asking real questions they may find members of this group willing to answer them and offer real help.  Devoted members of this group have been very quiet or have dropped out of this group due to all the negative talk.  We need to rid this site of the negative talkers and disbelievers.  I hope and pray in the near future we again start talking again about real discoveries and achievements.  So stay happy and healthy, my friends, and get out there and start building!
          As an added note, as most of you know, I only build reactors for standalone generators.  I don’t have any information or ideas for attaching a GEET to a vehicle.  My aim is to go off the grid.  With utilities costs as they are (mine are about $300. per month), I feel this is where I can save the most money.  Since most of my vehicles I own have heavy pollution controls and my gas use is $130. per month, I’ll save more working with the generator.  If I had my way, I would convert my vehicles to a motor electric -- similar to a train were the motor runs in a steady state mode.   

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Thanks for the input, please go to the Yahoo Watercar group, this is something whey work on all the time.
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