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More info on how to improve performance of the Geet.

Here are comments from naresh on the basic plans of Pantone:

Many people have built the GEET reactor with all stainless parts and have it working very well.

Other's have built it with the inner pipe as regular steel and outer pipe as stainless steel and that works very well also. Leo got 4x improvement that way.

In a recent radio interview Paul says the rod can be any material. Paul once stated that aluminium once became as hard as carbide so maybe Paul has tried aluminium for a rod.

Those auto plans are old and based on what Paul felt would be the safest thing to do back when the plans were made.

Now Paul says a bubbler should never be used for a vehicle, only for oils and other wastes for stationary applications.

Whichever pipes you use please try to have the inner pipes very smooth inside.

Another thing Paul always says is that the inner and outer flow need to be in opposite directions but a few people who have made the flows the same direction have got better results.

Those free auto plans also say that sizes and dimensions are not critical however, Paul has later said that the clearances are critical and he only gives out the best information to those who pay. So I do not know which is true.

I do not see where in the free auto plans it says which way to point the GEET for initialization. In the free small engine plans he says to point the rod nose South but in radio shows he has sometimes said to point it North and a few people who have pointed it North initially seem to get good results.

Personally, i really think that an aluminium outertube and maybe even as innertube will do great. This because of the great heat propertys. It turns also into red when heated..

Well, tests will tell..


   Big/high bubler = better then smal and low ones.

extra swirl on intake of geet


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