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Steve Ryan ??
« on: September 10, 2015, 04:04:36 am »
Does anyone remember Steve Ryan and Bios fuel ?   He was on NZ 60minutes with a motorbike that ran on modified water , using a non electrolysis cell

his site is gone now

His converter had no power supply and relied on time for conversion of tape water to a reformed fuel

just reading Herman Anderson thread about Nickel plating which made me think of the metal itself

nickel atomic #28   , electron shells  2e , 8e , 16e , 2e (OR 1e )   ferromagnetic

also Platinum atomic number #78  , electron shells  2e , 8e , 18e , 32e , 17e , 1e   paramagnetic

platinum is used in catalytic converters , also used in chemotherapy for cancer for bonding to cells

Steve Ryan would not reveal what was in his converter / cell . It had no power supply so it was a natural process that required time .

water being the worlds most powerful solvent .
Adams catalyst PtO2 is used for hydrogenation of vegetable oils

Steves converter was closed so it couldnt be seen if oxygen was released or any process . if oxygen was released then the remaining water would have to be Hydrogen rich , unlike a chemical reaction we are accustomed to with 2 plates .
we are used to seeing 2 separate gasses released when maybe it is possible for 1 gas to escape (oxygen)

Ehrenhaft magnet experiment released H and oxygen only AFTER the magnet was attached , releasing gas 2:1.
before that it was releasing gas because of iron ,water and acid reaction

I mention the above because there was no power applied to steves converter so I can only think of reaction between the water and a metal of some sort that has the ability to extract electrons and I say "extract" because it sounds more feasible than inject electrons.
and IF there was reorganised structure of the water molecules into a fuel Id expect it to be hydrogen rich , and it would be if oxygen was removed!

the fuel he showed did not ignite when the paper cup it was in , was set alight but when compressed it exploded which means its more of a compression ignition fuel than internal combustion fuel. even though the motor bike was not a C.I but I.C engine
which reminds of hydrogenation of vegetable oils , "Adams catalyst "

so maybe the cell steve had is like the zinc anodes on boat hulls but relatively quick , water supposed to be the most powerful solvent
just a thought ...

I did a search and can only find remnants of info on hydrogen forums . I searched on way back machine , internet archives . theres screens shots so some one was recording it since 2005 or so  . under biosfuel

Allotrope : (eg: O , O2 , O3 , O4 , O5 etc)  different molecular forms of the same element but atomic weight remains the same ,while an Isotope will have different atomic weight.
Steve claimed no power supply and no electrolysis ,so it is a form of, or similar to an Allotrope where steves cell changes the water structure but it remains "WATER"  . possibly water used as an electron source or sink  :-\ . Id expect the viscosity to change if the molecules where more tightly bonded / rebonded

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