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« on: September 07, 2015, 01:17:54 am »
Hi ho people,
there used to be the theory that lightning sparated water molecules into gas and that is ignited by the strike but that theory keeps getting tossed aside yet science cant demonstrate sizeable lightning stikes only large HV discharge

this site st least touches on the subject just by mentioning it.....

Quote .....

"Early Theories

Early man probably considered lightning to be the ultimate weapon or a weapon of their gods. The Navajo Native Americans believed the Thunderbird, a mythical bird, flapped its wings and created the sound of thunder and the source of lightning was reflected sunlight from its eyes. It was the Norse God Thor, the Greek God Zeus, and the Roman God Jupiter who wielded the mighty bolt of lightning to keep man in his place. There continues today a phrase about lightning coming from a supernatural or divine power. The phrase goes something like: "Let lightning strike me if I'm ______." The word 'bolt', often used to describe lightning, has no meaning in meteorology and is an inappropriately used term.

Some of the earliest theories about thunder originated during the Greek and Roman Empires and from the Viking (Scandinavian) people. Beliefs about thunder included that it occurred before lightning, it was a burning wind, it was caused by the collision of clouds, the sound was produced by resonance between high and low clouds, and by high clouds descending and colliding onto low clouds. By the mid-19th century, the accepted theory was the vacuum theory, whereby lightning produced a vacuum along its path (channel), and thunder was due to the subsequent motion of air rushing into the vacuum. The second half of the 19th century saw the steam explosion theory, created when water along the lightning channel was heated and exploded by lightning's heat. Another theory was the chemical explosion theory that suggested gaseous materials were created by lightning and then exploded"

^^^ONLY BRIEF BUT GOOD ENOUGH that the bag is open enough that the cat can see the light ;D

^this site goes into ionization of water molecule which is about 10000 miles ahead of the stupid friction of air theory that was dished out at school.
what it does mention tho is electrons from outer space entering the equation ....... what it doesnt go into is TELLURIC CURRENTS  , which is something that seems to never be mentioned!!!

a capacitor has a positive and a negative plate of equal opposite charge and when there is a short , it discharges back to zero (ideally in theory)  , electrons from space arent generally brought into the equation

Ive spent years watching local lightning storms , closest strikes is about15 metres and about 35 metres . Ive always sided with the chemical explosion theory and wondering how to replicate in a cell .
I have no problem with high current techniques for H2 gas production just not traditional electrolysis

according to science....
frequency of strikes = 100hz approx
60sec x 60min x 24hr = 8,640,000 strikes per day
R resistamce of earth = zero
G reciprocal of R (1/R) = infinite
charge , equal amount of postive and negative charges = net zero
5000 to 200,000 amps
30,000degree C with electron density of 10 ^17 electrons per cm3

there is equal opposite charge beneath our feet to all these lightning strikes
Im big fan of Nathan Stubblefield and similar inventors , many , Tesla being one

science always throws faradays law at electrolysis and H2 cell experimenters and fair enough BUT theres a truck load of current in a lightning strike to perform high speed "electrolysis" / dissociation yet the theory is quickly disposed of.

probably explains why there is so many braches of science , kinda like the mafia has branches 

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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2015, 02:41:03 am »
i have a question... do you think a single lightning strike could break water?

lets think again...

did you ever tried pulsed electrolysis?

the products comes from the amps times the time aplied...

what i mean is that for electrolysis to happen it needs a certain time too..

i too believe the clouds generate a great deal of power raising the imbalances of charges up in the sky by action of the sun...

have you ever seeing a bolt between two clouds? thats when one is positive and the other negative...

i believe the discharge initiate because ionization of the air... when some charged vapour raise up in the air by sun action and reach a certain electric field that makes the all cloud become ionized... just like my cell amplify the ionization reaching of the vic... thereto the electric fields of the clouds and ground or other opositely charged or neutral clouds become significant to create sufficient deflection of the ions.... electrons and whatever in the way..

than simply BANG

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« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2015, 05:11:04 am »

a single lightning strike being the result of electrons stripped from water molecules , then yes the water has already been split and the byproduct being excess electrons

I would venture as far to say the majority of people on this forum have pulsed electrolysis , and yes I have . 
the same experiment done repetively will get the same results again and again until the experimenter stops doing the same thing again and again!

there is no electrolysis in the storm cloud 

science tells us Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe but then spins around and tells us its unavailable and all the sudden AIR is the source of electrons for lightning

no man knows how many lightning strikes hit per second but what ever it is , the end result is net zero . theres pollution ,water and air in the atmosphere , and that amount of electrical energy generates collosal V and I over time and for science to assume there are no chemical reactions is rediculous!!  with simple HV experiments ozone is created . 
there most definitely are chemical reactions with anything in contact with lightning . theres a peach tree on this property that had a chemical reaction when lightning struck it
a person will go through a chemical reaction if they get struck

the basis of Meyer experimenters is to use HV to generate H2 from water , IF that is at all possible then why cant nature do it in an open circuit?

If lightning is the result of ionizing Air then does water ionize and release electrons ?  this is old theory of chemical explosion is older than stan meyer him self and more than likely the basis of Horvath cell also , and Puharich too

and again there are huge currents running through earth .
IF electrons DO actually enter from outer space then then that negative charge is balanced by what ??   
a positive charge proton , from where ?
according to science a pronton is another word for positive hydrogen ion , wheres that gonna come from ?
how about from the water molecule ?
so now what ?  theres 1 electron and 1 proton , whats that?
a balanced Hydrogen atom ?

no matter what turns up ,science is there to bamboozle everyone , they say knowledge is power but what I have learnt is , power is corrupt!   

the old chemical explosion theory deserves another look into , theres many old theories that have been shelved and not because they are wrong . no doubt the Vatican would have a good store room of suppressed research info

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« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2015, 06:29:40 am »
absolute power corrupts absolutelly

if water does partecipate to the ligthening or not we can try to see if we look at whats around... and i hope i can help you see that water is much harder to break than air so why in hell would water be responsible for the electrons in the discharge?

How ice is formed?

are drops charged?

i do believe that water partetipate creating the charge since the vapor contaning unequal ions does that... but when it discharge we cannot tell if hydrogen was generated in the cloud... i never found any science telling it...

actually the uper layer of atmosphere receives uv at great intensity and it also may help the process;;; but the sun is the source..

if this hydrogen is being generated in the clouds is this hydrogen geting out to space?

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« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2015, 09:48:58 am »

Rule #1 : dont step out of line , it will cost you your career

that applies to physics , meteorology , science , reigion , politics , bussiness , police , sport , banking , chemistry , education ........etc etc

corruption is everywhere in order to do everything

isolated water in mid air is ionized the same way air is , they are side by side and a component
oxygen is present in boh water and air . there is no earthing

I am fully aware of the bond in water , this forum is full of examples of how the process in a closed circuit, is stunted and there is high chance that is not going to change any time soon

water droplets have been charged many a time following the water dropper experiment , again ionization.  (the experiment was to demonstrate charges in trying to theorise charges in the atmosphere and therefore lightning)

in the example of lightning , Telluric currents are always neglected or soon forgotten . If there is a positive charge on the ground ,then is a negative charge above and vice versa 

lightning storm emits LF , HF ,gamma ray , X ray , theres everything there to inspire Tesla and any other inventor free of charge ;0)

according to science , Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe , does Hydrogen escape into space ?
....diatomic or monatomic , hydrogen negative ion or hydrogen poistive ion / PROTON ?

raises the question where did the Hydrogen come from in the 1st place ?
are we already IN space or does the whole universe revolve around this little rock ?

the chemical explosion theory is a valid one , lightning is followed by thunder , an oddity which sounds not too dissimilar to a bomb going off but no ones supposed to ask or take a guess at what is actually exploding

science has yet to demonstrate lightning , giant tesla coils and van degraff generators are controlled and how the hell is a scientist or team going to recreate thunder ?   where would they find enough voltage to prove the theory of colapse

rubbing a balloon with a clothe is like going back to the 1800s

its actually rediculous the hold science and religion has

of course there is energy from UV and the sun and everything else in the universe , this planet is intregral part of everything else that exists any where

again if an electron is entering the atmosphere it has a negative charge , that charge is balanced by a positive charge , that can only be a proton
if that electron is accellerated like they suggest then there is collision with other particles on entering , more theory!

when we break water in experiments, it is only ever in a closed circuit . the closed circuit will continue to demonstrate how difficult it is to separate water doing the same old thing year after year .
It is easy to confirm that staement by simply doing the experiment yet again!

thats self torture .

Im sure there are people who  were not aware of the chemical explosion theory and at least they can have a read even though it is only briefly mentioned in half a dozen words .... or less

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« Reply #5 on: September 07, 2015, 15:34:33 pm »
i see your point of view...

when i asked about the pulse electrolysis its because i found that if you rever the fields for example the gas will be gerenated only at very low frequenciesl...

the hydrogen question regards the fact that everything on earth is hold by gravity even our atmosphere...

if hydrogen is released and not burned or chemically somehow re-used in the mean time.. what happens is that it will scape to space since its lighter than oxygen nitrogen hellium and ozone...

thats why is so seriious this tecnology must prevent this from happening at all cost.. liberating hydrogen to space is decreasing gravity force for example...

actually even changing the gases in te atmosphere like we did since industrial revulution interfere somehow since we change their weight and high

and about the strenght of water molecule... it has really very higher strenght than air so yes like i said to you my understanding and logic tells me that the clouds charge by the same action of the kelving water dropper.. but the vapors brings the charge up... than when there is enough charge this is balanced by a lightening  strike...

we are free to create new theory and i would love to see it proving how this is working for real but today there is very little understanding in my opinion too..

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« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2015, 07:47:18 am »
the chemical explosion theory is a valid one , lightning is followed by thunder , an oddity which sounds not too dissimilar to a bomb going off but no ones supposed to ask or take a guess at what is actually exploding

When a lightning channel is suddenly filled with mega Joules of energy, the air in that channel moves outwards, at a super sonic speed.  This is something we hear as a loud bang.  After the discharge, the air pressure returns to normal, but there's nothing to push the air other than atmospheric pressure.  This does not produce a bang.  The atmosphere's elastic rebound is sub sonic.  How much Hydrogen recombination adds to thunder depends on how moist the air was, and how long the ionizing potential takes to decay.

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« Reply #7 on: September 08, 2015, 10:30:05 am »
the exploding wire experimenters deal in mega joules range watt = joule/time  (interseting reading on those forums)

I would imagine the strike channel would be dry as a bone but I dont know that in person :)

I dont know who said it , maybe KEELY .... "sound is the vibration of matter"     Kanzius demonstration is still a mystery , alot of the threads about him went straight to the pistol shrimp and then that died away .
no one can say what Kanzius was doing .  also sooner or later Keely has to be considered or his theories and inventions are false but that also cant be proven

they say the water content of cumulus cloud is .5 grams per cubic metre
therefore 1 million cubic metre cloud = 5 million grams or 5 ton of water (< should be 500,000gm = .5 ton)
but the specific gravity of water is less than oxygen or nitrogen
the cloud is lighter than the surrounding air

thunder cloud supposedly contains 10 gram water per cubic metre

^^^^ all this is only search material

Lord Kelvin / william Thomson did the water dropper experiment in 1867
I cant find who came up with the chemical explosion theory but Im still searching , probably in book form only

hydrogen is supposed to have the fastest explosion rate of anything , worth adding that to the concept also , but then air / oxidiser is also part of the ratio needed for that chemical reaction

we use Hydrogen based fuel in i.c and c.i engines and its the expansion of AIR we utiilise .  again a shock wave

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