Author Topic: Homopolar Generator as current source, ZPE, Hydrogen  (Read 1503 times)

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Homopolar Generator as current source, ZPE, Hydrogen
« on: February 14, 2012, 03:09:06 am »
ok so we use stans technology to produce enough HHO to start the car at idle...then the homopolar generator kicks in to use raw current to generate the HHO for running the car because the HPG doesnt have any back EMF

Another interesting discovery related to research on the HPG (homopolar generator):

Consider the three facts below
1. a stationary disc magnet and a rotating copper disc produces output
2: a copper disc with a disc magnet attached , both spinning in the same direction produces output
3: a stationary copper disc and a rotating magnet produces nothing...

Conclusion: The magnetic flux lines DO NOT ROTATE WITH THE MAGNET

Apparently there are potential flux lines all around us fixed in their eternal positions in space, the magnets simply energize the spin polarites of these DIPOLES in all directions related to the poles of the magnet.

so when you hold a magnet in your hand and move it from left to right, for example, the flux lines that energize are always newly added on the leading edge of travel and drop off the trailing edge of the motion of travel, or direction...

very interesting realization for me ???

i was never told this in school, we all assumed that the magnetic flux was CREATED by the magnet and this flux was the same flux that always followed the magnet wherever it went....another example of information suppression by the science community over the last 100 yearz...

so there IS a paradigm shift in my thinking, i now see the universe in a whole new way...Zero Point Energy is now VERY POSSIBLE, but unless you know that there are DIPOLES in the environment al around us, the idea never fully GELS in the mind.