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from the guys at waterfuel1978
« on: May 12, 2011, 23:51:19 pm »
One type of solar hydrogen system is a chemical solar cell, which can harvest a large part of the solar spectrum and use it to generate hydrogen from water. Chemical solar cells consist of many pillars, with the top half of each pillar made of a photoanode that absorbs the blue part of the solar spectrum, and the bottom half made of a photocathode that absorbs the red part. When blue light is absorbed, it oxidizes water into oxygen and protons. The protons migrate through a membrane in which the pillars are embedded, ending up at the photocathode. As red light is absorbed, catalysts attached to the sides of the pillars reduce the protons to hydrogen.
we live in cool times gents, there will be a group of simple breakthroughs that combine for an incredible energy solution in our lifetime...  there are just too many minds focused on it from across the globe for it not to happen