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Those were the days :-\


--- Quote from: LightBulb on February 04, 2009, 03:46:13 am ---IF you dont know this by now Then maybe you need an Update.

He is the reason I Let this website go to stevie, The cause of my number i had for 6 years to become changed, During that time i was also getting attacked in every direction, That includes FBI threats, Sued, Donation Fraud, Possibly investigated by the Epa. During that time I had no choice but to defuse this website, it was being used against me.

"you seen this site change, now you know why" Thanks to this person.

Anything that could be used against me i isolated my self from, Now This is stevies forum Not mine so it no longer serves as a weapon against me like it once did. This person plans attacks 3 or more months ahead of time, you have no ideal who you're dealing with, Watch your back because he gets nasty.

Maybe now some of you are starting to see why we are so strict around here, Be nice to each other and if someone causes a problem they can be removed. But someone like dankie just pops off, he never threatens anyone so he's no problem, its those that try to control you with threats like i was controlled that will be isolated from the websites. And when you have websites containing threats left to right then the site is screwed anyways, Stay away from those sorta sites. If a site admin will let that sorta talk go on then you dont need to be there in the first place,,, As long as i have my foot in the door here if i ever catch any of you making threats to anyone i'll have you removed so fast your head will spin. 

Its time for you guy's to change this technology, Organize it the way it should be. Be nice to others and they'll be nice to you, If not, they will be removed.

If other forums Lived by that rule, id still own this one today. And no, id never take this website back, its stevies to stay. 

Id like to see more old timers comming threw these doors, When our rules are reconized perhaps they'll come. To whomever is reading this, I have no enemys, Lets keep it that way!

--- End quote ---

So, if i didnt took the forum, it might have gone away.
Wouldnt that be a big loss?
But understand me correctly. If brian wants the forum, he can get it back, with no questions ask.
He and me and some others are keeping an close eye on the forum. And that is sometimes hard enough, i can tell you!
Well, its all for a better world............


I would like to apologize to pulsed for being so mean to him , I'm sorry for the way I treated you here and on EBN .

Now plz look @ this little lying scumbad waterboy , he was trying to confuse us by tellimg me a laser was necessary with the injector . Unfortunately for him I also wondered about this before , so I pretty much had the answer all ready for him .;topicseen

I take a look in here now and again to get a good laugh, and to see what the latest stupid remark is about.
What I see is ofc only remake of something that is already been done but......
Since Hyrdo already got it solved lets just lay back and stay for the ride  ;D

Mr H2inICE


Boy , this waterboy kid is getting more crazy each day ...

He is really a disinfo agent , he has been trying to overcomplicate my thread


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