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Could we have a topic on electrolyte as what is the mixture used by people, what kind of water used etc.
I might have missed it in the forum.



Most of us, here, are working with tapwater. Simple, because its almost free and it doesnt polute the enviroment.
It also conducts a bit, in stead of destilled water. With plain electrolysis is that what you want.
Also your tubes or plates will last longer with tapwater.

Others are using destilled with KOH. That brings a stable measurement methode. Its the same for all. Tapwater or even rainwater is not the same around the world.
But, you have to have KOH and destilled and that costs much more then tapwater.

There are also some college's that use only destilled water. It has a higher resistance and will not work well with electrolysis.
But on the other hand, it might help you, if you are trying to do some high voltage tests...

again another 2 cents...



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