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That's an interesting video h2opower.  Thats crazy how the falling water generates volts!  I don't quite know how to take advantage of that yet, but I have been thinking about forcing water to flow through my bar arrangement when it is completed.

I got my order of more metal finally! :)  But now I realized that I need some hard to find nylon screws/bolts. :(

So I am searching a couple of sources to see if anyone can get me 15" nylon screws.

So I've done what I can with what I have and here are the basic results.

A 7x3  12" bar cell connected to a 12V car battery produced a decent amount of bubbling action.
Need to do: create a pulsing DC circuit and see what a few more volts will do.  As soon as I get the nylon parts I will get to do some bigger experiments. No more of the 7x3, more like 80 x 80!!! :D

I tried a 7x3 cell with neutral bars, but did not have a lot of success with that, I want to try a larger cell with neutrals to see if that has any effect.

Ok, back to waiting and researching electronics!

I got to thinking.....and came up with this formation. with a positive - negative - neutral set up you could make it so no two "like" poles where together. Having 2 pos together would not hurt, but deff not help, this way you maximize your surface to opposing surface.
What do you think?
(ignore the dims)



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