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it's not my design (i've seen it on the web for sale as a HHO boost can), but at least i have a cell now to get things started with!
now i need to get this cell under pressure (cap it off) & metered (regulate output through a bubbler) - then it's off to the FBT (aka VIC) research...  keep you posted.


parts list (Lowes - long island, NY):
ITEMQTY$4" x 2' PVC Schedule 40 (220 PSI @ 23 C)1$4.974" PVC female threaded adapter1$4.234" PVC flush cleanout plug1$2.834oz. Oatey All purpose cement1$3.244oz. Oatey Purple Primer (optional)1$2.5220 pk. Ideal terminal asst. (22-16 ga)1$3.46Cooper 304 SS single gang blank wall plate4$1.29Hillman 6-32 x 1" Nylon flat head machine screw (2 pk)1$0.56Hillman 6-32 Nylon hex nut (4 pk)2$0.68Hillman #6 Nylon flat washer (4 pk)1$0.56Total$28.89

304 SS 4 plate "open top" cell - $29
lighting hydrogen for the first time - priceless

I was so excited to have a cell, i ran it through straight electrolysis moments after building it.  here were the parameters (5/19/2008):
* power source = 12VDC @ 560 CCA (Ford F150 battery) - multimeter measured 14.13 VDC, but could not obtain a Amp reading b/c meter is only rated to 10A.
* water bath = Long Island well water (known to not contain Floride)
* truck was running to keep recharging battery
* battery <-> jumper cables (6 ga if i remember correctly) <-> cell's 14 ga romex leads (one each)
* cell was only 2 plates (+/-) config - it became a 4 plate cell (today 5.20.2008)

I ran the cell for 30+ min.  the water temp at the start was the same as the air temp 19 C.  It seemed strange to me that the water did not heat up (i expected it to) as this was bruteforce electrolysis (no electronics).  I even checked my temperature probe (from multimeter) using my mouth twice to ensure the thermometer was working.  it was.  as soon as i put the probe back in the water it returned to 19 C.  It was fairly windy and i'm sure the PVC absorbed some of the water's temp.  I did not measure the temp directly out of the hose - so i am thinking the fast moving air and PVC were able to keep the cell from heating up beyond the air temp.

I experienced milky white bubbles (less than 1mm in dia).  Every now and then i'd get a 1/8 or 1/4" bubble - which resulted in a louder pop from my aim 'n flame.  otherwise it was just a crackling.

the only other thing worthy of note to me was that the water (except for the bubbles) did not get murky or contaminated.  the cloudiness caused by the HHO formation would cease within seconds of removing either terminal at the jumper cable's jaws.

*** yesterday the cell was 2 plates, today it is the 4 you see in the video.  I intended to shoot a video today of the electrolysis, but it was raining all day.  I'll post a video of the cell running under the above conditions as soon as it stops raining here.  i know that'll be nothing great (straight electrolysis - no elec) but i'll at least re-confirm what i saw yesterday.

[quote author=usuryfree l

304 SS 4 plate "open top" cell - $29
lighting hydrogen for the first time - priceless

I understand, Try it in a spudgun !!!  ;D


haha spike that thing is nasty

500 cc hydroxy = 1/4 mile

ready for a spud gun drive by


[Re: usuryfree's spud gun]

when i saw you post that over in "having fun" last month, i wanted to send you these photos.  I used to build and sell these when i was in my 20's.  when you posted though, i was still living in two houses, and the spud gun was at the "storage" house.  I'm all done moving now, so here's the pics...

2" barrel x 5' long
4" x 1' gas chamber
gas grill ignigtor (with the "arms" cut off exposing the neg lead)
1) compression spring with an ID matching the OD of the gas grill ign.
1) rubber grommet ID matching the OD of the gas grill ign & the center groove matches the wall thickness of the 4" PVC tube (i had them specially made - i still have some leftover somewhere).

this puppy will shoot a 1/4 mile with the tiniest amount of hairspray.

PS if you want to paint PVC, sand it first with 100 grit - then it'll stick.

we used to do all sorts of spud gun builds - we had an auto-gas system, a breach loader, a 40' (modular in 10' sections) barrel model.  We'd also do all sorts of experiments with loads.  My favorite was always the 2" diameter rock through a refridgerator.  Although popcorn and gas soaked spuds were fun as well.

Now back to the breadboard...


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