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I'd like to request a new category for the Joe Cell.  I've been having a certain degree of success with this cell.

Very nice.
Can you put some pics of your Joe Cell here?
And are you gonna try to run an engine on it?


You may want to consider using a Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter to measure your Joe Cell:


The Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter meter works along entirely new principles quite different from any other measuring device currently on the market. Is entirely different from ordinary "EM-field" meters. It is not responsive to electromagnetic fields, nor to static magnetic or electrostatic fields. An electrostatically-charged plastic comb or wand, for example, will show no reactions to the Life Energy Field Meter, other than what would occur from the same plastic comb or wand without the electrostatic charge. This is quite different from the usual voltmeter, which reacts strongly to electrostatic fields. Likewise, no greater readings will be developed between an ordinary piece of metal, or the same piece of metal stronly magnetized. The Life Energy Field Meter responds only to the presence of living organisms, and also more weakly to liquid water, and to moisture-bearing and metal-containing materials which as Reich demonstrated, are strong absorbers and reflectors of atmospheric orgone energy. The Life Energy Field Meter will, for example, respond strongly to the field from a nearby orgone energy blanket, or orgone accumulator, with a general indication of the relative strength of charge -- however, much research is needed before we can be too declarative, beyond these general statements. Consequently we consider it an experimental device.



 I'm not familiar with the size requirements here, but, usually, roughly, 450 pixels X 450 pixels, is a common size.

  Download xat.com. It's a free image optimizer, and very easy to use.


--- Quote from: Fiditti on May 15, 2008, 13:10:22 pm ---How do I post pics here?  Thanks.

Yes, I do plan to run cars on the cell.  I have been told that once you start running cars on the cells that it's hazardous to talk about it.

Best Regards,

--- End quote ---
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Click on that and you can add pics
When you run your car on a joe cell, you are a hero!
If you are scared, just PM me your results.....and i keep them in secret.



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