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16 plates cell project by Kumaran

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--- Quote from: snoopy2005 on January 30, 2008, 14:23:09 pm ---Hi this is my firs post her at IX.

Steve;  I do not understand why you have a problem with the use of KOH, it does oly
benefit our goal!

Lower resistance = less heat + works as anti frees in the winter.... (mebe global warming in the end fixes this but in the mean time...)

Kumaran; I am most impressed with your efficiency of above 90% do you have the numbers or vid some place?
I have ben working on the C-cell from overynity.com to understand more. And indeed I wil say I have!

You guys, spesial thanx to Hydro, seems to be on the right track! And for now I wil agree with Kumaran, pulsed brute force plate cell
is the way to go!

I have also purchaseed an old Audi to experiment with..... So I'll during the weekend if I manage to put my new cell together an put it in my car.... :-\


--- End quote ---

Hi and welcome snoopy,

For me, it is very simple. Stan didnt use KOH. It seems possible to do it without. Chemicals is preventing the "special"proces that uses volts, instead of current.

Kumaran is doing a great job with his WFC and electrolysis, old style.

Snoopy, place some pics of your setup, so we can have a sneak peak.
Its always nice to see what others have in there setups.


Her is som bad videos, and coments from my side.. I do not have the TV host in me..

Tryed with PWM, doing nothing good without coils and so on....


HI J@H & Steve,

I have completed testing on my series cell and now waiting to put into test car. I manage to get test car but need to do some repair.

For reference :
1) http://oupower.com/index.php?dir=_Other_Peoples_Projects/kumaran/Electrolysis/8_plate_series_cell
2) http://oupower.com/index.php?dir=_Other_Peoples_Projects/kumaran/Electrolysis/13_plate_series_cell

I saw some of your videos and you made submerged cell. The gas production vs input watt? Go for series cell if you need higher gas output for the same amount of power. Do not judge the actual amount of gas produced by seeing the gas bubbles flowing out of plate. Do proper gas output measurement and compared with power consumption.

Very sweet cell Kumaran.  Thanks for posting the link to your photos.


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