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Can you explain what is happening? Are you making hydrogen? Is it Meyer's injector?

This oz injector looks purely amazing and awesome.

As far as i can tell this seems to be an amp related process, rather than a voltage related process, am I wrong?Are you sending air and water through a plasma arc?orAre you sending air and water through an amp restricted voltage wave guide?


--- Quote ---"I'm not saying he built the same exact thing.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"you would see how similar they are"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"'s EXACTLY THE SAME"
--- End quote ---

First it's not exact. Then it is similar.  Then finally it is exactly the same thing. ???

If Aussepom is doing "exactly" the same thing as Meyer,  then where are the lasers, pulsing circuits VIC's. electron extractors,  and other things that Meyer used ?

I would wait a bit before we start erecting a statue to  Saint  Meyer.  Let's first let Aussepom  provide a few more  details and some explanations if he chooses to do so. 

Meyer didn't invent "atomic hydrogen"  and was not even close to the first to build a device that  disassociates hydrogen with a plasma arc.

Nice try buddy....put em in context ;)

--- Quote --- I'm not saying he BUILT the same exact thing
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---it OPERATES on the same PRINCIPLES
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---arcing through it to create atomic hydrogen ions and O3 (ozone)'s EXACTLY THE SAME
--- End quote ---

I am speaking about two different things buddy, FORM (as in what he built).....and FUNCTION (Creating charged ions of -Hydrogen and +O3...then using the +O3 to "bump down" the -Atomic Hydrogen spontaneously w/o the need to hit a metal!!!!!!

You like most people need to separate FORM from FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two may be different in design....However, their FUNCTION is the same!!!

ANYWAY what are you guys' problems??.....I do believe you have NOT ONE THING to do with it....Aussepom is a grown *  man, if he feels I am doing him injustice for saying so...let him say it. Or, if I am wrong in assuming this is ionic flame...only he can like I said.....why?

All the lasers...the choke coils....etc are all meant to RAISE EFFICIENCY....Not very efficient to use an ARC as it's a dead short which means max amps flow....GET A CLUE

The real problem I see here  "BUDDY",   is that any scientific  objectivity you may have once had,  has vaporized as a result of your sycophantic adoration of all things related to Meyer. 

Someone runs water mist through a plasma arc and you use it as an opportunity to canonize Mr. Meyer as a "genius" and offer it as "proof" of Meyer's theories which you declare (by fiat)  were never really theories at all, but irrefutable facts. 

How are you any different in regard to Meyer as some others are in regard to Faraday and Maxwell ?   

One must wonder if you are really interested in the science here  or in simply confirming  Mr. Meyer and his theories,  which in turn confirms  your own "genius" as  being one of the chosen few who CAN "see the forest through the trees"    and who is not like "most people" who are obviously blind and cannot tell the difference between form and function.   

It must be lonely there in the forest all by yourself.




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