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--- Quote from: Donaldwfc on July 19, 2009, 00:43:58 am ---Radiant, I don't know what to say, you are reading the exact description I am referring too [plus the videos] and some how you manage pull O3 out of that. So I'm going to give up and leave this topic to it's rightful discussion of the Oz Injector.

I also think it's odd how you go head over heals to proclaim Atomic Hydrogen, or single Hydrogen atoms, yet you completely miss the point that it is also Atomic Oxygen, or single Oxygen atoms. These Oxygen atoms can not form Molecular O3 for the exact same reason why they can not form H2O when they react with the Hydrogen, they are missing their covalent electrons and are too positively charged to bond to other Atoms and can not stabilize, first they must destroy several Hydrogen Atoms before they have regained enough electrons to stabilize in a molecular structure.

Sorry Aussepom for getting off track in your topic.

--- End quote ---

Well I used to think the same , but you never know anything with this mofo Stan . Thats why you always formulate with the word " I think" . Perhaps he had to introduce an external source of ionized air to further the electron stripping .

Radiant_1 certainly needs better manners , that is a given .

Sorry for taking off topic this wundeful attempt @ a OU device .

W/e least I say what I feel to people's, don't go there  >:(

As for understanding that air ionizes to O3...doesn't will do so whether you believe it does or doesn't

I apologize Aussepom for allowing the arguement to take over your thread...I have removed the offending posts

I am sorry if your thread got debunked to this area. I am on dialup and i simply do not have the time to Maintain each and every post, It would take me all day and would be very flusterating.

I am not pointing Fingers, But from now on when something like this happens, It will wind up here! So have fun!

AND, try to be nice guy's. This means watch your attitude and way of language.

Again, very sorry if your post wound up here, if you had a question for Aussie, Please repost it in his thread. 


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