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Brand New Finding, Tube Cells

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so your outers became neutrals?
How long are you running your cell for a heat test? let it run for an hour and see if you get a temp change. (vent properly)

Riddler, this is great news.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

stevie says the outers are floating, since they're all connected to each other, this is a odd setup...

Of course the water gets warm lol, over a period of time... we're not in magic world just yet...

they act as neutrals...but the stranhe thing is that i see clearly the oxygen from 1 tube and hydrogen from the other .........


The alternator Driver motor will pull anywhere from 12 amps to 25 amps depending upon the load on the alternator, so at idel the driver motor consumes 1320 Watts of power just sitting there running with no load.

It takes 1 HP from the Driver motor for every 25 amps the alternator outputs, this is what i was preaching about when i said i cut the amps in half. So a 3 HP driver motor can deliver 75 Amps, and a 1 HP driver motor can deliver 25 amps. , i can guess an alternator putting out 25 amps would consume atleast 1650 Watts from the wall outlet, and makes racket.

What i have found is the Variac can consume 10 amps at 110 volts, 1100 watts, with this i can hook my cell up to make it FLOAT as stevie calles it, with this i get the same gas output!

Im not gonna settle for 1100 watts now, more like 3300!

I have included a photo of the variac which can consume 3300 whats if it wants to, so this means all thats needed is a 3000 watt power inverter if you want to place this device into a car! It makes no racket and i find it to be just is good if not better than the alternator, the problem will be finding a full bridge rectifier that can handle atleast 50 amps for long periods of time.

A 3300 watt  variac will give you about 30 amps to put to your cell, which i'm only using now 15, so i will be running my fuel cell from about 1650 watts from the wall outlet, about the same as the alternator, but no racket or moving parts!

Now it is very easy to get large amounts of current into a car "(Hassle Free)"

Here is a schematic of my Diagram.


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