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The French Stanley Meyers

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Jean Chambrin and his partner Jack Jojon in the water-powered engine preparation workshop; next to it, the Citroën which covered the first kilometres.

An engine that runs on water without thermal or mechanical energy input is a figment of the imagination since water is not a fuel and contains no usable energy.

Comparable to perpetual motion, it is based on the negation of the basic principles of chemistry and physics. Close the ban… However, an engineer from Rouen, Jean Chambrin – associated with Jack Jojon – filed a patent in 1974 for a “device for fitting out a combustion engine with a view to supplying it with fuel containing added water”.

Crack the water molecule
In its July 1974 issue, the magazine L'automobile reported: "We saw in the streets of Rouen a Citroën equipped with a water engine moving like any other car and undertaking a 100 km walk in the surrounding countryside. without any trouble. »

The device uses a sort of Séguin pot to start breaking the water molecule between hydrogen and oxygen; the system is aided by the electronics which deliver a powerful current so as to lower the temperature from 2000/2300°C to 700/80°C. An early hydrogen engine.

Reduce fuel consumption
In fact, the engine runs 60% on water and 40% on alcohol. This would reduce fuel consumption by 50%. But not everything goes as hoped. An expertise on the technical and economic interest of the invention is then launched by the French authorities of the time.

But the process did not succeed. Jean Chambrin denounces the automotive industry which puts a spoke in his wheels and the oil lobby which does not want a different sector. The conspiracy theory is on. And Jean Chambrin leaves for Brazil with his invention.

It looks like a GEET.....????
Here is the patent (Brevet on French)

More patents of Chambrin



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