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THEWATERENERGY1 patent found.


Hello everybody.

After some search, I (finally) found the patent filed by THEWATERENERGY1 team.
The aproach is very vague, but it may be of interest of someone.



Thank you very much for posting!

It is in many words, the same story.
First, turn on the cell till it is warm. Probably around 70 degrees celcius.
Then switch between power on and EEC circuit.
Re use the extracted power.

This is what i read in there..

jim miller:
Great find X-blade !!  Thanks for posting!!


hello guys long time im far very busy trying to live here... now im developing a kind of switching power supply using a thx208 chip etc.. i found that we could perhaps use a kind of feedback of the voltage on the cell and work maybe by regulating the switching frequency and perfect voltage to get the process going..

is not hard it only takes a npntransistor a zener some resistors for the opamp led and a voltage divider and opamp for isolation.

so you can set up the voltage by chosing the zener and using a potentiometer acros the cell..conected to the transistor that trigers the opamp.... maybe a 30k pot...

the opamp output will work as a gate to mantain the charge on the cell as you set up... than you can vary the frequency maintaining aways same voltage on water and see the diference..

on that patent it talks about magnetic fields thought... i think there may need a magnetic field parallel to the electrodes for it to generate electricity thats a very much unexplored area

if id try i would try using toroids facing north each other so that the magnetic field channel thru the center

i think when we apply current on the electrodes the induced magnetic field will be forced out of it and may lock onto the water and when the current is take of the magnetic field force the charged molecules to the electrode back

and there is the other lost son....
Hi F!
Good to see u again, here...


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