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hello there,

to all you guys with cells out there, how much amps straight-dc does a cell draw when immersed in clean tapwater?
please put your past results in here along with the volts. thanks.  :)

Here are some results of my tubecell:




--- Quote ---Test 1 (with straight DC)
Volt : 12
Amps : 18
--- End quote ---
that's a resistance of 2/3 Ohms for the watercap. not good, even 2.5Amps with distilled water is <5Ohms.
when i had my tubecell it measured in the megaohm range even with water. need that for a good Q value.

it seems i have to try it out :(

I had here many tests and from many different setups

I had tap water at 220 volts dc starting at 10 amps and than when it boil (1 minute) it than goes down to 2 or 2,5 amps. Using tap water and distilled water however distilled made much more hydrogen before boil and took about 1 minute more. The two plates were 20x10 about 1 cm far away from each other. Changing the distance didn't change much. The container had 4 liters of water and consumed about 1 liter every 15 minutes.

At low voltage about 1,4 volts and using sodium hydroxide i got up to 20 amps with my resonant scheme and water didn't heat up not even a little. However the wire heated up a lot and also the resonant capacitors. Voltage was about 300v with that conditions starting from 12v battery.


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