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just a side note stan also tried brass and it was consumed quickly....the only metal which had any length in lasting was stainless steel, but even that over time would begin to be consumed....this is told from stephen meyer in an interview about his brother and his hydrogen work.


Thanks for the information. 

Did Stephen share any other useful tidbits about the operation of Stan's cells that you'd be willing to share with the rest of us?   

Thanks in advance.

oh of course.....he said that one of the reasons why voltage potential works is becuase of the stainless steel.......there is something about that metal...he also said that the one thing they couldn't go around with the water cell was the fact that over time you would have to replace the stainless steel becuase it would virutally be used up which is what creates the muck....so stainless steel is a huge factor to why this thing works....he said that meyers had tried many different types of metal and needed one that would be chemically inert such as ss 304....he stated that stans tubes were made of ss 304 and not 316.....and that they calculated the minimum amount of voltage needed to split water was 13 volts but they had physically seen it done with 11 volts.....and that the most fascinating thing to both stan and stephen (with the water cell) was the white whispy movements between the plates at a certain distance.....they noticed this in stans one cell where you could adjust the distance between the two plates...(this is the other cell in the independant study report)...their ultimate goal was something to do with snow and ice.....hence stanley meyers logo with the bible notation.....when stan died stephen meyer went off in his own direction in water energy source....he picked up with his brothers and his own ideas of ice and snow....and in the interview he wanted to know if anyone knew why snow was white and if he could figure that out he would be able to do it......he mentioned something about the water being in a frozen state and not moving, and the need not to have to seperate the hydrogen from the oxygen in order to use its energy....in a sense fuel in a solid state form......soo if you want there is a section in this site i posted with the links to the interviews....since stanley meyer is dead we have to get any ingformation from the people who surrounded him when he was alive....so educate yourselves!




Thank you very much.


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