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Annealing your Tubes


More good stuff form Ravzz here guys, Ravi used Argon Gas

"Between 316 and 316L theres a lot of difference in resistivity of the material due to carbon presence. Seam welds have magnetized seam lines along the length of the tubes. make sure you have annealed the tubes after machining/cutting/sanding before being assembled this is required to remove the residual magnetism induced due to cold work."

annealing your tubes does nothing, nor does conditioning, i am sorry but ravie is a froot loop. enough talk about ravi on this forum.

annealing your tubes does nothing, nor does conditioning.

One of the reason of this forum is because some people told us stories how to do it.
We call them counter attackers.
I do not say that Ravi is one of them, but we think he is not telling the right story.

You can make here a choice. Go and do what Ravi does, or believe in what we are doing here.
Ravi says in some vids that he is not using an alternator. Go and listen very good. You HEAR the ALTERNATOR on the background running.
Tell me, who is telling the truth........

I agree with Hydrocar. Every subject is good to talk about. But leave Ravi as it is.

I f you have followd this forum, you must now know that the key to succes is not in conditioning tubes.
Its the 3 phase unregulated volts with a lot of harmonics of the alternator.
We are going to make that signal with electronics and trafos.
Then you see that annealing is not an issue.


Hi Guys,

Sorry i was not aware of  the 3 phase unregulated volts with a lot of harmonics of the alternator, and or the
focus of the group to  make that signal with electronics and trafos. I am still trying to find that post on the forum :-\

EDit found it  ;D, cool i can add to the efficiency with some tests

Okay i understand there is some un certainty and the safest way is security this way, sorry i came in a bit late to realize this. Now i just want to say that Ravi did try it with an Alt and he told me at one stage there is too many losses with it, but NEVER mind, every bit of R and D counts.

Ok sure thing will try it then, I am sure we can put some more efficiency into the drive motor of the ALT with our Freq driven RV modification, and will test that early Jan for the group.  Mean time ill get directly onto your circuits .


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