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here the post link


cheers , have nt had a look at that for a few years.

that thread is the reason why Les Banki no longer responds to H2 forums any more .

in the few posts following that = Mookie  "Why can nobody on this planet find just one car that runs on water?"

A = the only cars that run on water are steam cars .

H2 cars run on gas NOT water . car companies , universities  and inventors have run cars on H2 . no one can deny this .  there has been gov funding for alt fuels for decades.

that thread was an attack on Les Banki .
how many H2 welders have been made and used ?   this is no different from producing H2 for any purpose . no one can deny H2 welders have been invented and built .
Les Banki built and sold welders before the internet came along . He designed circutis for his welders or for anyone else to build their own .

so why was Les Banki attacked on that thread ?     the names of posters are right there .

In this society we live in , a our sole purpose is to fill the till plain and simple .  people getting frustrated on a thread like that obviously turned on Les when it was not his fault .

he only provided a circuit equivalent minus the unobtainable HV S.I.Thyristor and thats all .

Tinselkoala made a circuit and posted on OU .com  .  the secondary consists of 3:1 pot trans and resistors . this is not equivalent  to what Les Banki suggested  but shows the pulse which is what Les was providing the circuit for in the first place . the rest is up to the experimentor .


Hi Massive,

Two things:
1. many many many topics are killed because of fights. Most of us home inventors are hard headed and many are frustrated.
2. The main topic many of hydrogen interested inventors are missing in their thinking is that running a car on water is that cars do not run on water but on hydrogen ISOTOPEN........
Anderson and Horvath both explained both the same. Use sparkgaps / radiolysis technology on top of pulsed or strait dc and also magnetfields and you can create a higher level of ionised hydrogen gas, like deuterium.

How do i know this and what convinced me?  Well, i will tell you that my years of testing went from strait dc cells, pulsed dc cells and running engines on HHO.
I tell you that my engines ran better for example on simple full bridge rectified ac then on gas from a strait dc source.
Yes, browns gas. Which contains also some kind of hydrogen isotopen, but not in such a scale as gas that is exposed to radiolysis / sparks and  magntic fields....

The patents of Horvath are way better then anything else in the world. I choose the version with double sparksgaps below the anode and kathode.
The output should contain a high percentage of Deuterium and thats what we need to run a car on gas from water....


Hi Steve,

Radiolysis is such a simple thing to pull off, I really wish I could help you with this .  But like they say, "he who the gods would destroy is first given the plans to a free energy system".

edit:  But thanks for pointing out that we need the extra energy from combusting the heavy ions.   (I thought it was supposed to be about my X-factor capacitor.) /edit

Later days.

I believe we could try multipacting for increasinly ionize the gás... 


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