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Maybe because there is photograthic evidence and videos of his (Meyer) devices, but in the other hand, there is no proof that all of these inventions worked.

well....thats the issue with Meyer.
My friend who had visit Meyer with his camera crew, also didnt see the buggy running. I heard this from more resources that when they visit Meyer the buggy was not able to run.

My friend received from Meyer a demo with the alternator and tubecell setup.
He touched the wires to the cell and they got very hot................
So what is true?
Ill guess he ran the bug once or twice.
But my guess is that he used his battery to run it.......
And now i lost all my forum friends.....
I trully hope that i am wrong.
With Anderson and Horvath it is a different and more scientific story.
Anderson the right hand of Von Braun had the nickname the Ion king.
He knew how to change molecules and what was needed to run an engine.
The same did Horvath.
Both use magnetics and radiation to change monotomic hydrogen with neutrons into deuterium. Thats the overunity part.....
That is what runs engines.


Meyer was not completely honest in his demonstration devices.
The Independant Evaluation Test Report showed 40Amps load on alternator Setup and 12,5v applied voltage. In my opinion that "applied voltage potential" refers to the applied voltage of the alternator field.
And if we run the math of the plate demo cell we can see that MMW is lower than faraday 100% efficiency

you are right on that one.
No hidden stuff with that alternator tubecell setup.

Question: Horvath writes in his text that his anode and kathode have the same square centimeters / inches.
Can any tell me why that is a good thing?


nobody of this peergroup has an answer?
Well, then i must assume that Horvath had an idea aka theory on that and i will followe it blind.
I want need to see the power effect of the magnetic field as well as the radiolysis effects on power...


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