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finding resonance.


finding resonance.

this video  shows a sweep of 40 hz to 14hz what i find relevent in this video is how when he is sweeping from high to low you see the db meter (amplitude meter) start to drop but then it shot up again as the freq was still getting lower in freq.. what this video tells me is that the waves leaving the speaker had resonance at different frequencys..   i think the main job of the pll is to find all them spot on a wider range and compares them.. it then chooses the pulse that provided the sharpest rise time..  since a sharper rise time is the indication of voltage shooting for infinity

Hey outlawcst,  could you provide additional information on your experiment. I believe it might play into a theory I have been thinking about for the past year. What was the set up? At what frequencies did the needle go up? Did you do anymore experiments of the same nature? Any other information you feel is relevant.  Thanks Rami.


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