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Stanley Meyer Step Charging Via VIC.

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--- Quote from: Hydrocars on April 21, 2019, 07:59:34 am ---It's Difficult for me to be exactly true at the moments, However, There is something very different! I am not yet sure if its a reverse base breakdown.

I was getting different results with the frequency on the alternater setup back in the day and I couldnt not explain why, nor did I understand why everyone elses was different from mine. The other day I ran into something, then I realized I used Axial Diodes with my original alternator setup. Something about the diodes act differently.

I once upon a time got a coil to emf the Dc capacitor threw the diode, at a lucky time the diode would break down and the capacitor would charge the coil, then a back emf would again charge the capacitor immediatly. there was an resonance occurring that i've never seen before. I havent yet been able to replicate my own work.

I have noticed, to keep something in resonance from dying out, you give it a slight push, and it keeps going.

--- End quote ---

Did you use a tvs diode in the same way we normal diodes uses?

Brian, i found this old schematic of the alternator setup.....


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