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For grins, I put together a copper tube setup for the Meyer's type cell.  It is made up of four tube sets.  The wall thickness of the copper tubing is very thin, and therefore I was unable to get the gap I was looking for..  My gap worked out to approximately 2.3mm.  My inner tubes are 1/2" wide and my outer tubes are 3/4" wide.  My outer tubes are 5" in length and my inner tubes are 6" in length.  I'm using 2.5 mm nylon string trimmer line for my insulators.  It fits pretty snug so far.  This is only a preliminary test package with no electronic circuits being used and no diodes being used either.  The power source is a variac with a full bridge rectifier before the cell.   The water being used is tap water.  The inner tubes are all negative and the outer tubes are all positive.  I'm running the setup at 12.2 VDC.   

Initial Test  Results:
My initial test results were very poor gas production. 

I then took the tubes apart and passivated them in diluted phosphoric acid for fifteen minutes.
2nd Test Results:
My next test results were very promising.  The gas production was phenomenol for just 12.2 vdc.

The water turns blue fairly quickly.  There is a very dark blue gunk about 1/2" thick that floats on the top surface of the water if you run the cell for fifteen minutes or over.  There is a lighter colored blue gunk that floats beneath the dark blue gunk.  The lighter blue gunk is about 1/2" thick also.  The bubbles are dark blue and are long lasting bubbles. 


Blue means your Copper is being consumed. Very high voltages will rapidly dissolve copper very very fast.


Thanks for your interest.   The degradation of the copper is very apparent in my tests.  There is a lot of very fine copper film sluffing off the walls between the two sets of opposing tubes from time to time.  It just blows out the top of the stack with all the bubbles.

 I previously forgot to explain why I was using the copper tubing.  First off, let me say that I can purchase the stainless tubing for less than the copper tubing from Verocious Motorsports.  The primary reason that I'm fooling around with the copper tubing, is that it's much easier to machine and work with.   Therefore using the copper tubing will help speed up my cell prototype building.   Once I have a prototype doing what I want it to do, I'll then build a real cell with stainless steel tubing and/or plates whatever the case may be.

I can confirm that the copper is consumed by the proces of electrolysis.
That is why Stan the man used 304SS....
Its fun to see a tube consumed.... ;)


I've also tried using aluminum before and it consumes rather quickly also.


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