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--- Quote from: Akin4ubaby on January 10, 2010, 18:31:51 pm ---Hi all,
    I install the gadgetman groove. Check out
 It's cool stuff too. the only downside is the 3800 or 3.8litre engine. I am helping to solve problems here with Ron who is in the process of moving. Akin

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Hi Akin,

hello Steve
i hav been following the gadget man since last year the guy seems sincere it says on his website money back if it wil not work .
the groove is done just after the throttle body  (imagine Ventury but reverse)  creating a donat chap in the air upon what i understood from his explanation .
i want to send him my throtle body but no money to do that mode i have to instal my hho system on my Land rover .

Can you tell us a little bit more on what that device is?


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Steve and Group,
  It is a venturi groove installed on the intake side of the carb or throttle body. For more info search for Gadgetman Groove and check out all links for that. As stated above it causes the engine to respond with gas savings and more power. My savings was only 25 % (8 - 10 city---12 - 16 highway) the throttle has more power. I used to have slow starting in the cold weather, now the old Dodge starts right up! Akin

Can you post pictures of the throttle body mod? I cannot find any after googling. I find testimonials but no pictures of the groove in the throttle body.

Somender Singh Grooves are about creating more turbulance in and around the spark-plug gap, as well as an ignition path into the squish area.

Gadgetmen Grooves are about creating turbulance near the butterfly valve in a throttle body or carburator. 

Although interesting, as the principle behind the two different types of grooves is so different; I feel that the subject of Gadgetmen Grooves requires its own thread?

The Gadetman Grooves are interesting.  I think it's not so much about creating more turbulence as it is developing horizontal vortexes of air before the intake manifold.  It's very simply a groove in the throttle body of some engines along the butterfly valve plate.  It would warrant a separate thread.  It has pros and cons.



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