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is this guy bad news for stans dune buggy or is he trying to tell us somthing?

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i noticed on the site some other guy managed to get a picture standing next to stans buggy.. in the picture you can tell the buggy has been moved from the location at which dynodon seen it. it is in a different garage... more of a shed.. you can tell the shed is fairly new.. .. the guy next to the buggy is wearing a jacket with a logo on it and some words next to it... i was able to zoom in on the words and they are INUVIK PETROLEUM SHOW.   

so i was thinking to myself why the hell is there a guy standing next to a buggy with a petroleum jacket on? so i dug further.. inuvik is a town in canada and they happen to have a show coming up in the near future as a matter of fact. june 17-18.. its is being called one of the biggest shows in the NWT. if you goto there citys web page you will see that they are planing to push forward what they call the mackenzie gas project.. which involves piping oil in from way north canada into populated canada to supply both canada and us with oil. just part of many new oil resources the companys are ready to open up to try to save there market. so my question 2 everyone is why is this guy standing next to the dune buggy with a jacket on that represents the up coming proposal of the makenzie gas project? why does he only have 1 post on  is it a message saying we need to focus on that in a really intelect subliminal way or was this guy that stupid to where a company jacket standing next to it and wanted to show off?  i dont get it.. share your opinions.

I see a guy with a dirty shirt , thats all I see .

so you dont see in the zoomed in pic his jacket logo and words match the one for the header of the letter right next to the pics? are you kidding?  i dont think you just *  out jackets with that logo.. you have to be involved to get it.. its not like going to goodwill and finding a sprint or u.p.s shirt.. that logo reprsents more then you are letting yourself see.  it is a event that happens one time a year and it happens to be the 9th year of its existance.  dankie i dont think you have even given it a chance to sink in you no one has even viewed and read the papers next to the photos.. you havent even compared the logo on the header of the letter  to the one on his jacket.

Yeah I see it , it i from that company .

But it means absolutely nothing .

yea i guess your right.. it is just a jacket.. he probly could of got it at goodwill or somthin.


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