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EI core laminate steel for sale

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I have @ 80 feet of laminate steel for making the EI core needed for the Meyers Bobbins I drew up.This material was bought from a core manufacture.It is grain oriented and measures .010" thick X 39 inches wide.I will sell it by the foot at 39" wide for $5.It already has the coating on it,and can be cut out with a laser,and it doesn't hurt the coating.
I have attached pictures of my core so far.You can see the E and I, I made.You will need 75 pieces of each.They can be all made from a three foot piece if laid out and cut with a laser.Other wise it may take more if you make them by hand with sheet metal shears.I cut mine out with a guillitine paper cutter.But it takes time.
Contact me through this post or email.

sent you an email.....but are you selling the sheets or the cut out sheets???......i do not have machines to cut anything.

do you know where i can get the bobbin's from......i have no way of machining anything......i have contacted john but i understand if he is busy.

I'm only offering to sell the steel.It was too expensive here to have them cut with a laser.Dankie and dudleyengineering found a place the get some made.If they can cut 1300 pieces for $150 that is a great price.My local shop wanted $1000 for 400 pieces. Buy the steel from me and have them cut it out.

Don, can you post the dimensions of the core please?


The center leg is 3/4 inch wide and 3 inches long.The outside legs are 3/8 wide and 3 inches long.The window opening between the center leg and outside legs are 1 inch wide and 3 inches long.The side that all three legs are attached to is also 3/8 wide.So its 3 1/2 inches wide from outside leg to outside leg.And 3 3/8 inches long.The I's are 3/8 x 3 1/2 inches.


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