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Stans 430fr wire for sale

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 I'm worried ...

Plz send some to me quick , I want my pound .

I will be picking up some of the wire this weekend.I am also ordering some bobbins.So by the start of next week,I'll have everything ready.Here's a picture the owner sent,it's not the best but you can still read some of it.I will take a better picture when I get it.

Yeah I think this calls for a new pic , I also had this result on my first pics .

Plz take some of the wire also and be sure to test it , I believe you can sell alot of this if you properly reassure the customers .

If the company still exists that it ...

I see a 1993 something , I see a 430 ... I see a melt number ... Thats a nice 3 pounder right there ...


This wire has been in contact with Stan's garage dust , the air Stan breath probably was in contact with this wire @ a point in time .

The research that was performed by Stan to get this wire must have been extensive , I trust Stan has made a perfect selection with everything .

So whatsup Don ?

yes still highly interested don.

will await your reply.

thank you.


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