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Stans 430fr wire for sale

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dankie can you find the silicon content in percent for the 430 both types?

For its semiconducting properties?  ::)  :P

yea dankie for its semi conductive properties  ;D

I got another spool of the stainless wire today,brought it home and tested it.The spool says 48 ohms per foot,but it only measures @ 16 ohms.So that is all the wire I have to offer.If anyone is interested in this wire ,again I will sel it for $30 per 3000 feet plus shipping.That will get you 4 spools at 11.6k per coil.

One other note about this wire,It is Stans wire! I got it from the owner of Stans buggy and equipment.So there is no mistaking it's the right stuff.The owner wanted to keep it quite,but in order to sell it,he felt we needed to tell you this.So don't spead this around other sites please.

When ever you are ready to sell let me know, I'll get at least a spool of wire and 6 feet of core material.


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