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I own a CNC Coil Winding Machine.  I bought 6lb of the 430FR SS wire from Dankie.
I have the bobbins I intend to use for the Vic Coil.  If anyone would like for me to wind their coil for them I will for nominal fee to cover my time and material.

I have tensioners for all sizes down to 48 AWG

I have in stock

Thermalex /200 (heavy build)
41 AWG
36 AWG
28 AWG

Thermalex /200 data sheet attached

I dont know if it was by pure luck but you stumbled on almost the perfect ratio . Good work John .... you lucked out on this one ...

I will try to respect Stans words... I  will respect the ratio of wire circumference ... Stan suggests 30 awg wire for primary , 44 awg wire for secondary and suggest 38 awg for the stainless chokes  ( .004 )

So stan suggests .004 wire .... but we have .005 ..... but stan suggests .006 for the coil @ figure 10-4 ... so I had to split the middle and go .005

He suggests 30 awg for the primary  (.01 inch) , the circumference of .004 wire is about 2.5 times less than .01 wire .

The circumference of .005 wire is about 2.5 times less than .0126 wire ( 28 awg )

The circumference of secondary wire .002 wire is exactly 2 times less than .004 wire

The circumference of .0025 wire ( 42 awg ) is exactly 2 times less than the circumference of .005 wire ( 36 awg )

So in the end , I will be buying some 28 awg and some 42 awg  magnet wire .

Both will be made of heavy-build coating .

Analysing this video closely , I can say that the shape of the letters (and numbers ) from the primary look pretty much identical , same distance... everything.

So I am 99% sure that the dimentions have not been tampered with , so imo , if Stan himself  is standing in front of this , this is indeed viable information .

I need some help figuring the inductance values for the primary and secondary winding of the VicCoil

I've got the figures for the inductance of the chokes if 430FR is figured the same as copper

@ 11.6K ohms

36 AWG Choke x 2
Coil as designed with my bobbins
Inductance = 35 mH
Core Dia. = 16.54 mm
Wire Dia. = .152 mm
Core Lg. = 100.6
Turns = 3610
Coil depth = .8 mm
Wire Lg. = 196.58 meters

Impossible to calculate on paper ... you make it then calculate ... I dont know magnetic wire reacts here  as people rarely make coils with this ...

This is something you will have to measure after .

All values will change when its all stacked together , this is where the efficiency somes from .

Check these sites out.


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