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On the journey of Discovering Stan meyers circuit i had noticed that not only did i discover what stan was doing but i also noticed there are others out there that do also understand what was done! Why this information has not been Brought to our / WFC research groups attention i can not understand. There are very few that Understand his work, and by no way is the information hidden but simply overlooked. However i do agree that this type of technology has been kept away from man kind for centuries by our governments.

It has been found that without the use of RESISTANT wire there will be no resonance . !  Also The fuel cell is part of the resonant circuit normally referred to as a condenser. The fuel cell will resonate with the Resistant Coil forming and LC circuit, Therefore the input power to the circuit is DC, during resonace the Resonate CHOKE is powered by AC from a DC source Due to resonance.

A demo circuit of a Fuel cell in Resonance would Be as followed.

1 RESISTIVE Choke hooked in series with the fuel cell, then to the 12v battery supply. Simple setup, take the coil and cell and hook in series. Then hook the Remaining Terminals to the battery. The resonate Freq is controlled by Dead Shorting the Condenser, Fuel cell. Upon Dead short Coil is Charing, Upon Release Cell is charging, A resonance occurs! This will result in the coil powered by AC even though the power source is DC. It is said to be high Freq.

Furthing findings is is shortly related to That of Sr's Power inverter Ignition circuit able to Blow water up on demand. It is clear that a Strong capacitor discharge is needed in order to do this. Examples could be charging up a capacitor to 250 volts and then dead shorting it under water, the amount of energy released is so powerful that water blows up instantly on demand. However the Capacitor discharge is coming from the inverter many fail to Replicate it. All though im not sure of his Newer version of the small coil in his videos, its almost as if he was making jokes.

However The Fuel Cell resonate Circuit Is unique and does relate to discharging a capacitor under water to gain explosions of water. It is problem matic to use Capacitors for discharge, what i believe to be the Vic is much better. The way the circuit is setup due to resonance Water can be exploded on demand far greater than what normal discharge capacitors can do. These circuits also relate to FREE ENERGY and much more. Faking 3 phase is related as well.

To further understand The VIC, To understand where Free Energy comes from, to understand how to place a freq across a fuel cell and get it to resonate all the circuits are clearly the same. I honestly think this is some of the circuits hidden away from us that we shouldn't be getting our hands on.

To understand what is going on, what can be done and what you lack. Please look very very very very very hard at the old time Auto ignition circuit. Learn that the Coil is powered by AC and not DC. Also learn how the auto spark works. And most of all remember, to get this type of resonance i believe you have to have resistant wire!

The auto ignition circuit is labeled as an LC circuit! For less confusion ignore magnetos.

If this post did not seem like the most important post you have read in this wfc technology, then i highly suggest you read it again. Then if your still skeptical i suggest you get an ignition coil and a battery, a Normal AC UNIT capacitor and find you some schematics and start playing. This circuit is clearly resonating. Without Resonance you would not be driving your car down the road! ! !

Blowing water up on demand DC is no longer good, AC WILL overtake DC and When the public scientist start to realize what is going on this Technology WILL SKYROCKET!

It was hard for me to share this information because i have not yet tested every technique, But i have tested enough to see that this is the road your gov's dont want you to take, I highly recommend you look very deeply into what i am pointing out to you.

Now what i know, and what i am working on right now has become public, a very large auto ignition circuit is under investigation.

So let the Search Begin!

A quick heads up. I was referred to 20 windmills that can produced 24 Thousand volts at 1500000 watts per windmill or 30000000 watts for all 20. These Windmills each Produce a maximum amount of current of 62.5 AMPS at 24k volts. Each Windmill is a Giant! So they Take Very high voltage, 24k volts at 20 windmilles equal to 1250 AMPS and step it down using a utility pole transformer.
Normal PowerLine Ratings are between 17 and 18 kilo volts.

If your home is consuming 10k watts at 110 and 220 volts the amps going to your home would be "about"  83 amps.

When you consume 10000 watts from your power company, you are taking about 17000 volts at about half an amp from the utility wire!!!!!!!

In some cases, IF
Extra High Voltage(Transmission) – over 230 kV, up to about 800 kV, used for long distance, very high power transmission
Then you would consume .0125 Miliamps (12.5 Ma) from the powerline wire since .0125 * 800000 volts = 10000 watts

That's Amazing, isn't it!

Well, you have completely left out the diode in meyer's diagrams, which is the thing that destroys every theory about a free resonance and ac.

Furthermore: Why should it be resistant wire? LC-circuits work with copper wires too.


hydrocars.....YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT......KEVIN WEST....WATERFORFUEL.COM EVEN STATES THIS....i think i am understnading more now than ever about the effectiveness of resistance and the entire process coming down to the lc circuit.

here is his diagram

here is stans resonance via resistance.

if you also look through out the technical brief he refers to things such as amp inhibitor and resistve this and resistive that.

what i see wrong with kevins setup is, He isn't using resistive wire, but a resistor instead "That will not work well" it can do much much better with resistor wire! He doesn't know what he's missing.

The tube cells must be in parallel, the ac capacitors are in series, they should be in parallel.

"These circuits resonate clearly, you dont need a resonance detector to prove that if you know what to look for." The ferrite core makes me think he was using high freq, with big caps like that i would think he was using a slow freq. Not sure how that part of it works out yet. But yes, kevin has a good birds eye's view based on what i see in his photo.

The emf from the coil is what charges the caps, its not good to put 2 ac caps in series bassed on my knowledge, each time i put caps in series i couldn't rind resonance, when i would put all caps in parallel i found resonance, THIS is when i realized that the fuel cell would make a perfect ("Condenser") Please research what i stated above.

No, there is no diode.

EDIT, i just noticed he used 4 caps and not 2, this could be different, not sure how this would work out. Yes, Kevin is on the right track.

I also see an error in that schematic if he is using DC from the bridge, i will post more on this soon.


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