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Solfeggio Tones: Sound Healing and Frequency Freedom


some reason im feeling there was a little more to frequency then stan mentions.. ive been kinda busy with work lately so i havent had time to participate on the forum.. any ways this i found interesting.. here is quote out of the read

"John Keely, an expert in electromagnetic technologies, wrote that the vibrations of “thirds, sixths, and ninths, were extraordinarily powerful.” In fact, he proved the “vibratory antagonistic thirds was thousands of times more forceful in separating hydrogen from oxygen in water than heat.” In his “Formula of Aqueous Disintegration” he wrote that, “molecular dissociation or disintegration of both simple and compound elements, whether gaseous or solid, a stream of vibratory antagonistic thirds, sixths, or ninths, on their chord mass will compel progressive subdivisions. In the disintegration of water the instrument is set on thirds, sixths, and ninths, to get the best effects.”

this is a mix of understanding the 369 and maybe a sequential mode as stan said hwas the technique of applying his voltage.

When i work I'll put on this instead of my regular music .

Can use all the help I can get .

Plz let me know of music wich will give you "higher matrice of thought"

dankie there is a spot on the site listed above to download 2 different solfeggio frequencies the one thats recomended is known as the “Ravi Solfeggio Tone.    i attached it to the post.. read this page for more info..


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