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I will be happy to share what I can... Most of what I have replicated of Stan's work has been by trial and error. I met j. prendeville 2 years back concerning another issue at the time and quite by accident was asked what  currently took so much of my time, as I wasnt working( being semi-retired). I really thought he was pulling my leg when I told him I was researching Using hydroxl as a fuel,when he told me he helped Stan Meyer with funding and direct production of materials used in his injector system..He then proved it by allowing me to peruse the contents of 4 manuals of documents and diagrams faxed to him from stan ,all signed appropriatly, requesting his assistance in procuring the items listed...I used some of Stans ideas, and some seemed to me to be purposely written to confuse, but that may have been his way of protecting his own personal IP. Anyway , I have built an archive of imense proprtions and will be happy to share that info in the near future..artinvegas... 8)

Panacea-BOCAF Water Spark Plug (2 of 3)#!


Did you upload the Stan docs and videos as you informed in this post?
I am keen to review your archives.
If possible, I can upload it to my website for all to learn.



Dear all,

Please watch the video from about 30 minutes.
Meyer explains that his voltage pulses to his waterfuel cell had the purpose of bringing in zero point energy into the atoms....
Its the best explanation i ever heard.


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