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Did Meyer Use Two Frequencies?

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At least a few people have replicated the VIC, but all I've ever seen are mediocre results.  And this includes videos of Stan's own equipment in action.  I'm thinking that maybe he left something out of his presentations.  None of the cells he showed produced anywhere near enough gas to run a VW.  And the way he operated his injectors brought the hho in from somewhere else - the injectors didn't split the water which was injected to control the burn rate.

I don't remember seeing the cell he used on the dune buggy.  But I did see two EPG units under the hood  Presumably, these units produced the pulse trains, rather than VICs, for this application.  But why two of them?  My view is that he was combining out of phase waveforms to produce a type of ionizing exotic energy, and this energy is capable of generating significant amounts of gas.  And if this is what was being done, it should also work with two VICs.  Has anyone seen a setup with two driver circuits?

Another way to use two signals is to apply them sequentially.  A first string of pulses sets up a resonant elastic sloshing back and forth between the electrodes, then a discordant frequency 'shatters' the resonance, ripping the molecules apart.

The way this was explained at the chemistrystack forum is that the dissonant frequency can be above or below the resonant frequency.  In the case of the Opera singer's wine glass, the wavering of her voice applies the difference in frequency which shatters the glass.  Kind of like a ripple wave.

I think that it is not about massive amounts of hho gas you should look for.
It more about the type of isotopes of gas.
Bonding h1 with neutrons for example
More mass is more energy
Or browns gas with lots of monotomic ions....
As joe stated of the joe cell....he stated that the gas was more explosive when the power was off.....

Stepherson showed us the isotopes form spontaneously when the USP gas container is placed at the center of the air core rf transformer.  Perhaps you can pull electricity from the resonant circuit as it's being produced.  Using the visible size of his pickup coil (the larger, secondary winding) and estimating the vacuum capacitor value would resolve the fusion operating frequency.


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