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Dear all,

The injectors of Meyer are mounted directly on the engine, is it.
How hot will they become?
600 degrees Celcius at least, i suppose.
So, water will vapourize instandly inside that injector, even before we did something magical with VIC's electrolysis etc etc...
What can we do with that knowledge?

If the water vaporizes instantly, it may form super heated steam.  If it does, we can use a steam extractor to pull in even more water, which becomes the type of steam which can drive a steam engine.  Or less.  Depends on the degree of aspiration, and the amount and velocity of the instant steam.  At the very least, we can use this to adjust the burn rate.

You got a point!

Electrolysis or whatever reaction to liberate hydrogen and oxygen require a change in entropy, and this mean that if heat is provided the reaction can occur at much lower threshold voltage.

I'm not sure if the tip of the plug will hold that much temperature, specially because water is being insert into it.

My friend mechanic said that they use to inject water into the engine to increase the power in the 80's here, but only a very small amount because otherwise the engine would heat up too much and breakdown. just water

They argue that gasoline serves also as a coolant to allow the normal operation of the engine. I doubt it.

The point is if you insert water at static pressure during the peak of pressure of the engine this may be true because of the increased pressure. but the water should be applied to the wfc injector at at least maybe 12 Bar for today engines.

So we should need a power supply for that. so follow me in my thinking and help me find out why it could not work please !

If we need a power supply to test lower voltage electrolysis with change in entropy we could put a heating coil around part of the injector.  I made a small foundry with a 1500 W. cone shaped heating element with a light bulb base.  This would be around two Hp on the input.  Add another kW for the electrolysis, then see how much heat comes out the jet nozzle at the end.  I won't be surprised if this heat is greater than you'd get just using the same power input for electrolysis to burn.  The screw base on the heater element can come off and the cone can be fastened to the central injector pipe with furnace cement.  Then all of this can be put in a small clay flower pot, filled with aluminum oxide pellets and sealed, top and bottom, around the pipe, with more silicate cement.  The output end of the injector should transition to a venturi, and a crude one of these can be made from the top half of a Chung King soy sauce bottle.  I'm building a bottle cutter right now and I may try something like this too.  Seems like a good idea.

there are less hydrogen bonds the higher the temperature , ice has 100%, hydrogen bond in water is about 400kj/mol if I remember correctly .. so less energy input for higher temperature.


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