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Hi, guys
well I wanted to build the 8XA circuit but I foud only a few parts of it, so I'm now trying to build the VIC to use it with the dave lawton circuit I built.
I need more information about the VIC, please can you give me more details about it, I red on a topic that Donald used a vic of a primary with 3.5 layers of 54 turns/layer, 24 guauge , BIFILAR, and a secondary of 8 layers of 30 gauge wire, about 120 turns/layer, but I didn't understand how did he wind the primary.
Also please a schema of how to hook up the vic to the chookes, and will it work if I use 24 or 25 gauge wire for both the primary and the secondary?
I also tried a MOT primaray and secondary as a chooke of one side but only what I found is that the voltage across the cell drops.
thx for your help.

No reply :(

read all of stans patents. watch all his videos. study all his pictures

if you want, read everything on this forum too.

experiment, think


thx donald, I will try.

VIC means Value and Inherit Christabelle. For more information I'll help you.


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