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Take a look on how to fracture water....

Nice find steve  8)

Hi folks,

Here another mindfart on the resonance system of Meyer.
Have a look at at the picture of his tubeset Stanley used.
Why is it build with such a strange cut at the bottum and top?

My 1 cent on this is simple.
A small tubeset creates a milkey water filled with HHO.
Because the base state is water and HHO is a gassious state, you will get gas pressure.
1800 to 1 ratio, if i am correct.
We all seen the streams of HHO coming out of a set of tubes.

Did you people ever played a flute?
How does such a musicinstrument works?
Have you seen the mouth piece of such instruments?

Now go back to Stans tubes......
Any similarities?

Add the Meyer waveform in this mind set.
Its made with a downtime, to get the water back in his tubeset......

So, he build a flute with a thiny inlet at the bottum so pressure must go out at the top.
When all water has gone, he must stop the power to the tubes and let the water back in.
Power on at sertain frequency and the tubes act back as flutes, resonate at certain frequency and so on...

What are you people thoughts on this?


the only way we will know steve is by making it and trying it out.. them slots may not be that complex.. they may not serve any other purpose other then to let let water continously pass through the center while aiding in gas ejection but also providing more water..

then again stan  could have a plug in the center of the center tube and all water may be just flowing between the gap... them slots are so big i dont see them providing and type of acoustical harmonics.. just a pathway..

Dear Jim,

Can you do a measurement on these tubes with that special tool of you?
It seems to me that the outertube is indead longer then the middle part of the innertube.....



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