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Spherical resonant cavity


Most of Stans video's contain info about a spherical resonant cavity.
How could we build a spherical 304 SS cavity?


If there's a will there's a way..
Stan most likely had access to proper machines or manufactures.
Most of stans recent drawings contain tubes so i dont see a need for worry in order to make progress

one way is with a lathe and metal spinning equipment, metal spinning is an interesting process, you can watch videos of it on youtube

another way, although possibly crude, is to use one of those small SS garden globe ornament balls, the inside sphere is of much smaller diameter

from the picture of stans spherical cell i might guess it was 3" in diameter

i don't think these cells would be worth anything more than as a demo cell and as a learning experience, tube cells are much more practical for an actual application, as evidenced by Stans progress, his finial developments were for modular stackable self contained resonant cavity units, and then water fuel injectors, these two systems are the final business systems

that being said, the learning potential should not be overlooked from studying and experimenting with this design configuration

Stan learned a lot of that spherical cavity...

I ll keep my eye on this.


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