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AC powerfactor correction to save money

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Does anybody know the difference between the digital meters and the old "wheel" meters?


160uF cap to correct the power factor on your waschinemachine......


Maybe i have to correct the powerfactor on my variac.....
Then i will be sure come closer to having a closed selfsustaining generator on HHO.



In a purely resistive circuit, all circuit power is dissipated by the resistor(s). Voltage and current are in phase with each other.
In a purely reactive circuit, no circuit power is dissipated by the load(s). Rather, power is alternately absorbed from and returned to the AC source. Voltage and current are 90o out of phase with each other.
In a circuit consisting of resistance and reactance mixed, there will be more power dissipated by the load(s) than returned, but some power will definitely be dissipated and some will merely be absorbed and returned. Voltage and current in such a circuit will be out of phase by a value somewhere between 0o and 90o.


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