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J. Miller / Re: Ionizationx Book review "No Carbon Required" Paul Adams 2022
« Last post by Login to see usernames on Yesterday at 19:21:50 »
Hi Jim!

Didn’t read that book. Are we also mentioned in it, lol

If i read the index multiple persons are mentioned in it, but most of those ripped their info from other researchers and forums for years… did the author solved the technology? Nice income from copied information btw! Good job!

Thanks for sharing!

Br, Webmug
Newguy / Re: Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 28, 2023, 19:34:15 pm »
I found a wiki about it… seem to talk about Meyer technology somehow

They talk about catalysis and that some noble prize like Steve chu found it non sense…

I believe it’s the universal energy Meyer talks about… It seem this guys wrote a book of new Physics concepts I got curious About ir…

When we get hydrogen molecules to adsorb in a palladium matrix it would lose its electron momentarily so perhaps the whole deal could be simply to have a palladium matrix of such that hydrogen could be pressed from one side and its electron maybe drawn thru a circuit… such a palladium filter or maybe screen could be useful for testing…

You remember the quenching circuit?

More on this

A porous ceramic could form a capacitor where this hydrogen is forced to pass under pressure…

Like a sort of fuel cell but with one pole

The other side of the coin would be the increased thermal explosive energy and after that it would result in a positive charged gas…

I believe the quenching circuit has a lot to do with it…

I believe for having a decent ionization I need current to flow and for it to happen the air must flow on the positive and negative sides… so the negative I assume to be the exhaust of the gas after combustion…and the positive the air gas processor

Meyer talked about oxygen missing electrons would increase the reaction or help the hydrogen keep charged so it can explode strong

Meyer patent about it show a burner!! And there is even a plate over it…

After all is all about extracting atomic energy from the water molecule formation

There are some technologies for ceramic electrolyte I have studied some… at university we had a hydrogen fuel cell tecnologia course

There is something called the triple junction that is the medium conducting usually carbon, the cathalyst usually platinum, and the electrolyte… this form the electrode where the gas passa thru… so when the hydrogen meet this three phase junction it gives up its electron and it’s electron will discharge on the other electrode where oxygen is at the same rate burning on the same fashion but it uses the electron in the reaction so basically the hydrogen is the negative electrode…

The problem in electrolysis is this same build up of voltage caused by hydrogen accumulation…

The cell outputs water vapor in the oxygen line and I remember there is some kind of condensation.. it need to be in a certain uniform to work well…

Newguy / Re: Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 28, 2023, 02:22:43 am »
meyer and nutrinos?
Thats interesting  :)
Newguy / Re: Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 28, 2023, 00:35:26 am »
are u going to make it?
Newguy / Re: Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 27, 2023, 18:54:44 pm »
Good question
Here's it's answer

The US Patent and Trademark Office does not keep records of rejected patents. However, if Stanley Meyers filed a patent application, you can search the published patent databases to see if the application was published. You can search using keywords or the name of the inventor. Additionally, you may be able to gain access to Meyers' patent application file which would contain information about the rejection of his patent. In order to access this file, you would need to submit a request to the USPTO Freedom of Information/Privacy Office.
J. Miller / Stanley A Meyer Photon EPG
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 27, 2023, 16:08:14 pm »
Stanley A Meyer mentions the Photon EPG in several of his publications.  Attached is a  brief .wav audio file by Jim  Miller of Kentucky who attended one of Stan Meyer's seminars
and his description of what he witnessed. It appears as though a ferrofluid was NOT used but perhaps iron filings or 325 mesh powder to allow the passage of laser light

Newguy / Re: Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 27, 2023, 13:53:19 pm »
How we find them?
Newguy / Meyer's rejected patents applications
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 27, 2023, 07:26:34 am »
This came from Ai..
Would be nice to see em if it's true.
Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 21, 2023, 06:55:11 am »
Dc charging choke could be a manner to have dc applied to water while having it under shorted condition

ss wire resistive 430 material my be useful to atenua-te the voltage reducing the amps by magnetic field interaction of the wire iron

When we place voltage in a wire we create a flux changing this occurs because the primary electrons accelerate in one direction

Withou acceleration it won’t change the flux… só when current reach the limit because of resistance it won’t have changing flux

I’m imagining a way to push the electrons out of water generating power and the way I see is by having a sort of capacitor inside the capacitor in such a way as to make the cell get charged by dc but reversing the inside capacitance while shorting the cell may be possible to push the electrons out of water

Another way I’m thinking about it is to have a third electrode outside the cell and try to manipulate the inside electrode to have a opposite spike to make it push electrons out

In new zeal and video Meyer says that this is the very key behind the technology to make water generate the required power to break itself … I believe the cell was more complex than simply two electrodes it’s a resonant cavity too and so there may be things to it totally hidden we never see can only imagine

I believe that if we can have a reverse pulse inside the water with a diode and lamp in series shorting the cell in opposite direction than if this inside capacitor is pulsed reversed than it would throw the electrons out… I believe it would do it because the electrode is charged with the ions but if the charge come from inside the electrons finally can discharge pushing and not pulled

So if a path is provided than it would be able to discharge the electrons instead of forcing them out

Sebosfato / Charging from inside
« Last post by Login to see usernames on January 19, 2023, 03:52:39 am »
Today I was talking with a friend about this project and one thing came back to my mind that I actually wrote about some few years ago and it was the idea of generating electric magnetic waves inside a cell in a manner as to cancel the voltage drop that is caused by electrolysis..

The main idea is that if we apply  one volt to the water and then we have  in that region where the voltage drops the opposite voltage will be possible to apply whatever current without consuming power

 So I think it would be possible to create a kind of surface wave that is in sync with the applied dc

It’s incredible the parts already started to arrive  today 19 /01 from China in just one week… I’m amazed… I think in a couple of weeks it will be possible to finish the beast… I just miss some more big heat syncs to assemble every part… and still need to buy the diodes and capacitors and copper foil perhaps… I may use 12 awg not sure how it’s going to come out I found on Ali express the copper foi perfect for it 0,8mm x 40mm  but I’m out of money this month so I may do the first tests with wire…

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