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well said seb..  i understand your perspective on injection time now..  makes sense...

sebosfato,your getting Stans systems mixed up.The injection of 7.4ul is water through the water injectors,and not the gas injectors with the quenching tubes.Two different systems.Those injection numbers are for the water injection system,that injects water into the injector at the spark plug hole and it explodes coming out of the injector directly into the cylinder.
He's not talking about injecting hydroxy gasses into the injectors.

i know but its the same. however even working with gas meyer used solenoids and injectors to run his buggy. 


some mental gymnastics on the air processor, my thoughts:
How to go about making one knowing it will work? well surely stan had a way of calculating what was needed. Instead of just attempting to copy the picture, i am wondering a few things.

For the air intake diameter used on the engine cc size for the volume of air to be passed through it, for the voltage intensifier coil windings to be calculated, do we have any ballpark idea of what may have been the intended voltage across the positive and negative voltage zones in the air processor and possibly any clue on the shape of the s/s electrodes? (an air capacitor with a moving medium)

 ie is there a requirement for a particular length of electrode to provide a contact area for a minimum length of time to obtain the intended effect.?

For the electrodes, is there any preferred or given distance between the electrodes with relation to the voltage zone and voltage used.

in the air processor, for the voltage intensifier coils seen in the pictures (on site here somewhere) is there any know way to figure out how many windings are required - also noticed the air passes through the centre of the voltage intensifier.

At the opposite end, how many windings would be needed to be an effective pickup coil for the electron extractor..

 The air processor seen in the pictures may work on the 1.6l buggy - but not all engines are that size. so im posting these thoughts to ponder - if the above items could be worked out somehow, could there be a way of calculating a way to make, say, a larger diameter air processor for a larger engine.


and googling the dielectric value of aire comes up

The dielectric strength of air is approximately 3 kV/mm. Its exact value varies with the shape and size of the electrodes and increases with the pressure of the air.

so question to ponder is - what is the voltage required to perform the ionisation function.


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