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24th of August. Please remember Stanley Meyer.He was a great man for us all.

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Thanks to Stanley Meyer. A great inspiration to us all here.
May we once find out how his technology was meant to work.

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jim miller:
Well said Steve!
Regardless of what website you follow or contribute to, I can think we all can agree that
Stanley Meyer Day August 24th can be a special day.
1. It can be a day of remembrance for those who were privileged to know him.
2. It can be a day to post and discuss special releases of articles, pictures and stories that have not
   been seen before.
3. It can be a day to chat with others around the world that share his dream.
4. It can be a day of hope for a better future, a cleaner and greener environment.
5. It can be a day of rededication and detemination to see the principles of his inventions
   understood and applied for the betterment of the human condition.
So basically it can be a lot of things for a lot of people. Mark you calendar and ask your
repective webmasters to support the new August Holiday  August 24th  Stanley Meyer Day!

One possible explanation of Meyer's technology is that he developed a system to extract energy from hydrinos, and, perhaps, an oxygen analogy.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for publicizing his technology, and for taking the heat in such a way that a wide spread determination to reclaim his discovery has developed.  On His Day I'll post at least something which may help advance our efforts.,d.cGE 

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