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Theory for quantum transition (cold fusion, altering gravity)

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 In fresh water, sound travels at about 1497 m/s at 25 °C.

column 11 row 44

'Since resonance is a matter of matching a physical distance with the frequency of back and forth motion over that distance, matching the particular frequency to the particular wavelength can be done with either d.c. voltage pulses or the duty cycle pulses..'

'Video 6 @ 10 min in video
'the condition for making both anti  gravity and cold fusion work is slowing the speed of light in the  electronic structure to match the speed of sound/ mechanical wave in  the nuclear structure.'

All Electromagnetic waves are considered light.. So could we say Stan's resonant chokes are the limiters of the electronic structure (circuit) for changing the speed of applied light (em wave) to match that of water and is the impedance matching?   

So what im saying is the electrical force applied must impact water at a rate of about 1497 m/s at 25 °C. which is the speed at which sound travels in water... So we must calculate that 1497 with the distance of the gap to come up with a close approximate of the resonant freq.
we take the 1497 m/s and divided by the gaps distance to equate the frequency of a gap?


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