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electron bounce phenomenon


ok fellas i have been thinking on this alot recently after i got a newtons cradle for christmas.. for those who dont know what that is you probly know what it is just not by name.. it the scientific toy that has 5 metal balls on strings and when u swing one ball into the four since all the metal balls are MUTUAL in shape size and weight when the one ball hits none  of the others move except for the one on the opposite end...

ok for there to be a bounce  with electrons you would consider it a collision of electron into another electron (2 negative entiies that repel..)???  kinda similar to the newtons cradle???  now realize another secret that is revealed by the cradle is that when u swing one ball the first 3 balls it hits remain still... this is the sign of the transfer of potential without current... now if i were to take my finger and try to replicate the one ball swining into the others it wont work... my finger is missing the mutual characteristics such as weight size and hardness of the material.. when my finger hits it will create current in all the balls..

now i went even further to see if i can find answers in a unipolar perspective with the cradle... i did this with a standard household hammer... the hammer having a higher potential when it comes to mass and being made from a similar material kinda like to electrons except ones bigger in potential then the other aka mass/ quantity.. i can make it appear as if 4 balls are sitting still by using the hammer on one side.. if i get my frequecny right being a 50 percent duty with the bouncing and swing ball on the other end of the line then it amplifies... the hammer is barley moving and putting little busrts of potential into the line.. it doesnt need acceleration in order to achieve a higher amplitude... it just needs a higher volume of mass aka potential..

now i see the hammer as putting energy into the mix in a linear fashion... being inline with the amplifying bouncing... so how can one put energy into this device 90 degrees out of direction of charge? meaning a push or pull that is not being achieve in the direction of swinging balls?   you would do so by holding the device in your hands and when its swinging if one has good cordination he or she could  pump energy into the balls with little up and down movements..  everytime the balls are getting ready to  impact on the craddle a little jerk up on the cradle will amplify the bounce, you will be inducing energy by the amplification of g-force ... this to is a 50 percent duty cycle one must tune into with precision and cordination to see effects first hand.

i thought these were some interesting perspectives to gain trying to visualize whats going on in them coils during electrical resonant action..   

Here is pretty clear the polarities reverses...

Hello Sebosfato.

I know it was post long time ago.

Can you tell me from where this picture came from?

Thank you.

it just popped out in the forums while ago.. allong with another 2 images...

i dont remember who gave us this... unfortunately

similarly to magnets moving with coils..

a moving away electron in a sea of free electrons create a hole in place disturbing the other electrons to take its place as if it were a positive charge... similarly the electron coming in repels the electrons there bringing them into movement too


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