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high power 20m transmitter


Hi  I would like to find some reasonable priced and low component transmitter on or about the 20m band the very top end.

     I need it for a special project test, output up to over 500watts up to  3kw

    any ideas guys.

I have not seen any, but this may give you some Ideas;


I know it is not 20m, but I'm sure it can be moded to operate at higher freq.

Hi thanks electrojolt, I have downloaded quite a few, but no many give you the calculation when you want to alter to to show how the components were calculated.

 I have to look at 250 to 300v HV DC supply, the control can be 15v to 50 no problem.
 when you use transistors or darlington at the higher frequency the are hard to find.

 this is one that I have not seen so I will have a look at it and see what I can do.
there a some but they want $500  for each fet or tranny.


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