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Alternator stator: Triangle connection or star connection

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Hi guys
after one year and half studying studying reading and reading  with lot of ideas ==> time to jump to water!
Bought today and alternator+ electrical motor to spin it .

All the schematics show star connection , (were in practice I should see just 1 wire wdge going to diodes)
Here im my alternator i see 3 group of 2 wires which looks to me triangle connection of the stator winding.
the question:

Should I disconnect the triangle winding connection and re connect as star connection or ...who cares ...does matter to much..?

Thank you fellows

Yossi Tal

Hey Jose421

I run a stock 1969 Chevy alternator, Without built in regulator. No modifications.  ;D


Hi Spike

Thanks .

Do you know which stator winding configuration do you have in you alternator triangle or star?

Best regard

H James

Thank you !
Your answers was very clear !.
Now Ihave leart : what you call in US delta connection I have been taught in engineering  and called triangle connection and what you call whye connection
I call star connection.

Yes My alternator do not have midle point neutral but has 3 groups of 2 windings edges together so that apparently is a DELTA conneaction,
high amps but relative low voltage.

I will  disconnectwindings and connect them Whye

Thank you James


 ;D Here is a basic Delco alternator wiring  ;D

Minus the regulator of coarse.



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